Name: Scientific Studies and Research Centre “Security Archaeological Service of Ukraine” of the  Institute of Archaeology of NAS of Ukraine (SASU)

Purpose: forming of public opinion on the importance /necessity of archaeology in general and archaeological research in particular; reaching out to the public, authorities, customers, universities; informing about the SASU specialists achievements .

Our tasks:

–  provision of favourable organizational conditions for self-supporting rescue archaeological investigations in new construction zones by the Institute of Archaeology of NAS of Ukraine;

–  assistance provided by the Institute in procurement of approvals for obtaining permits for town-planning, architectural and landscape transformations, construction, reclamation, road works in state-protected archaeological areas, within the protected zones of cultural heritage, historical areas of populated regions included in the list of historical populated regions of Ukraine, by institutions and organizations of all forms of ownership, as well as individuals;

–  achieving the social influence based on the results of archaeological work carried out.